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Whenever a new painting, graphic work or tapestry was added to my collection, a new set of relations would appear between the works, as they interacted and formed units of different dimensions, which would in turn produce a reaction in me, would guide me in my new decisions. I would note an excess here and an absence there, and the peculiarities of my personal taste would become more and more discernible. More than once, I would have a sense of familiarity when gazing at a new work, as at something that had always had a place in my collection. In other words, this is more than the aggregate of 350 works of art; this is a collection that sparks emotions in me, encourages associations, calms and comforts me, or else entices me to new discoveries. Allow me now to invite you on such a discovery with this slideshow, which lets you explore 250 of the most beautiful works in my collection, a realm in its own right.

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